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Additionly started off as an internal project at Semetis, one of Belgium's largest digital advertising agencies, where Additionly's founders headed the technology team. Sitting right next to people whose job it is to manage campaigns means our concern was always to make their daily job easier. Speedier. And more fun.

We weren't happy with the reporting tools out there, because they aren't built around agencies' workflow. And they make you work for information, instead of bringing the information that matters to you. So we decided to build our own.

Teams using Additionly just start their day in a different way. There's nothing overwhelming anymore, however many clients they manage. And they can finally send reports out that showcase the work they've done. Join them and bring your team over to Additionly.

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Additionly brings tailored analytics and storytelling with data to advertising agencies. Our technology makes it incredibly easy for you to monitor hundreds of campaigns by automatically identifying performance drivers. And when the time comes to communicate results, Additionly provides the perfect combination of templating and narration to build AdWords reports that truly showcase the value of your work.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

D3js Web2Py Heroku Amazon Web Services Firebase
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