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How to Make Your Google AdWords Reports Faster?

Any agency creates thousands of AdWords reports for their clients. Every new week, a weekly report. Every new month, a monthly report. Every new action or campaign, a custom report. We know your pain.

Reporting takes huge amounts of time and energy. But it is required. Keeping a close look at clients’ AdWords campaigns performance is our job. So how to make it happen faster? How to optimize a Search Agency workflow? How to go from:

  1. Running the reports in Google Adwords;
  2. Download the csv file;
  3. Opening it;
  4. Copy/pasting the data in another Excel file;
  5. Running a macro;
  6. Saving as pdf.


  1. Opening your AdWords Reporting Tool;
  2. Re-using your weekly, monthly or custom template;
  3. Clicking the Send button and that’s it!

What’s an AdWords Report’s Added Value?

We believe that the added value of an AdWords report comes from the insights we can get from it. That’s the reason why the time invested in reporting is better spent analysing the data rather than gathering them. That’s an agency’s added value. This gain in time is definitely a gain in productivity and service quality from the agency’s side. But what about the client?

The client will benefit from an increase in service quality from his Search Agency. He will get more insights on his PPC campaigns than just data puking!

Why Does a Beautiful AdWords Report Matter?

Why do companies like Apple care so much about the customer’s experience at every moment of contact? Every single time someone gets in contact with their brand, they do everything to improve that experience and this extends to the overall way people experience their brand.

Sending a raw Excel report vs sending a beautiful custom report are two completely different experiences in the way your clients interact with your Search Agency’s brand! They do not only add more value to your service and brand, but making your reports beautiful is also making them easier to read and to understand. Your clients will get your message!

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