AdWords Reporting? What’s in it?

Reporting is key to any digital activity. It allows to keep track of the performance. If you’re an enthusiastic AdWords campaign manager, reporting will help you to spot faster any growth opportunity. On the opposite, if you are rather pessimistic, you’ll look at your reports to identify any drops and problems.

Automated AdWords Reporting

When we started building Additionly as an internal tool, we wanted to automate the campaign monitoring and reporting. For the monitoring side, on a daily basis, we need to know how our AdWords campaigns are performing. For the reporting side, on a weekly or monthly advertising campaign basis, we need to report the results to our clients.

But why are some metrics down while others are up? What were the key drivers? Did it come from a specific campaign? Ad Group? Keyword?

What’s in an AdWords Report?

Basically in any typical AdWords report we find the AdWords account, campaigns, Ad Groups or keywords stats for a given period. But as an agency you want to provide more insights to your client. Why did we out/under-perform our targets?

Identifying the main driver takes time. You need to log in to the AdWords interface, deep dive into the data, compare dates, metrics, on different periods, range of time at various levels (account, campaigns, Ad Groups, keywords).

Insightful AdWords Report

In order to speed up AdWords reporting and making it more insightful, we have built a unique feature. We have called it the Magic Insights. It instantly identifies the key performance drivers.

For an AdWords campaign manager, it represents a huge gain of time when reporting to clients. It also represents a unique way to improve your efficiency and quality. Going faster at spotting the causes of ups and downs will give you more time to think about the next steps and to and deliver a state of the art service to your clients!

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