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Building AdWords Reports

When creating an AdWords report, your focus is on integrating data from your client’s AdWords campaigns. You are trying to tell them a compelling story about their campaigns’ performance.

What happened. How it happened. Why it happened? Long text emails do not do this well. Clients do not have time to read them through. Graphs, Tables, Images are definitely required. They help to make your reports and analysis loud and clear. And that is what they value!

Blocks of data

We have built Additionly to make it easy and fast for Agencies to create AdWords reports for their clients. We wanted Additionly reports to stand out and be easy to understand. This is why Additionly allows you to create an AdWords report out of blocks of information. Like a blog post. You can add:

  • KPI blocks to display your key metrics (CPC, Converted Clicks, Cost, etc.);
  • Text blocks to write your comments and recommendations;
  • Graph blocks to show the evolution of up to two metrics in a line chart;
  • Table blocks to give an overview of the performance (metrics: Clicks, Impressions, CTR, etc.) of some dimensions such as Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, ...
  • Historical Table blocks to give an historical perspective of some dimensions.

A Compelling AdWords Report

By combining these different blocks of data into a single report, you will be able to write down a story. The story of your clients’ campaigns’ performance. You can use these blocks in any way you want and make every single report unique for your client!

We believe that by showing off your hard work better , your clients will also understand it better. They will be delighted by your service quality and your AdWords expertise!

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